2022 Ready To Fly

It’s been a bit of a journey due to some hiccups in getting permits issued, but we are once again setup to teach at Blackstrap provincial park. Get in touch if you are interested in learning to fly!

Sask Parks Events

Prairie Paragliding will be at Echo Valley Provincial Park’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” on July 10th, 2021 (https://parks.saskatchewan.ca/tourDetails.do?contractCode=SKPP&parkId=290180&tourId=10257&cat=1). We’ll be doing an interactive demo of flying, and have lots of equipment to see and interact with.

We’re also planning to be at Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park’s “Summer SkyFest” on August 7th, 2021 (https://parks.saskatchewan.ca/tourList.do?contractCode=SKPP&parkId=290215). Programming will be similar.

Prairie Paragliding Teaching in 2021

Prairie Paragliding is excited to announce that we have secured a teaching location in Blackstrap provincial park for the 2021 year. We plan to start offering lessons after the May long weekend.

You can get more information about learning to fly by contacting [email protected]

Additionally, Prairie Paragliding is excited to announce that we will be carrying Ozone paragliders, harnesses, reserves, and other equipment. Ozone is one of the largest paragliding brands in the world, with gliders for all skill levels and activities.

Prairie Paragliding gets ready to launch

Prairie Paragliding (this page) is the eventual home of the only paragliding school in the Canadian Prairies (Saskatoon).

Currently we are in the early stages, establishing a location were we can safely teach students. Once a facility is located, then lessons can begin.

If you have questions, or are interested in learning to paraglide, reach out to [email protected]

Hope we can get everybody in the air!