Saskatoon – Temke Rd Tow Site


Layout area adjacent to road on both East and West End

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Landing north or south of tow road

Flyable Conditions:

NW, NE, E, W: 20kph (max)


Temke Rd is a short east-west tow road just south of Saskatoon. It has few obstacles to either side. However, it is terminated on both ends by a crossing power line.

Current Conditions:


Power line to north of road, towing with a strong south wind is not advised.
Both the east and west terminuses have crossing power lines, tow drivers should be well aware of their location and terminate tows with a large safety margin.

Airspace Considerations:

The East-most end of Temke is under Class E2900ft and the remainder is E3900ft. Instrumentation is recommended on good soaring days.

Landowner / Regulation Considerations:

There is a house located at the east-most terminus. No contact has been made with this landowner. Launching in a west bound directions is setup just off of their property.
There is a farm located at the midpoint. The landowner is generally unconcerned with flying activity, or potential impacts of the drogue on crops. (June 2019)

Usable Tow Road: 2 km