Saskatoon – Bradwell National Wildlife Area Tow Site

Launch (North terminus):

Launches are available in a few places along the length of this road

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Flyable Conditions:

N, NE, SE, S, SW, NW: 25kph (max)


Just south of Bradwell National Wildlife their is 10km of grid with minimal obstructions to either side. Towable in a N/S wind. More road length than is needed for tows, so a segment can be selected based on the E/W wind component strength.

Current Conditions:


Power lines (high carry), cross the tow road south of the south terminus. Tows must stop prior to this.
There are various farms located along this road. Special caution should be given to rewinding at the southern terminus as the line can drift into the nearby yard if there is a west wind component.

Airspace Considerations:

Located under E3900ft, and north of a Victor Airway.

Usable Tow Road: 10 km