Beginner Courses

Our introductory course is designed to take students from having never touched a paraglider to being able to fly independently. From an HPAC rating standpoint this will take pilots to completing their P2 Novice Rating.

Jon @ Prairie Paragliding soaring over Blackstrap

Introductory Lesson

  • Location:
    • Training Hill
  • Cost: TBD
  • Time: 4 hrs
  • Equipment: None! Boots are recommended to protect ankles. Your own gloves, and helmet (snowboard or similar) are a plus for comfort.

All courses start with an introductory lesson. This is a 2-4 hour ground lesson where students get introduced to a paraglider and paragliding equipment. Students will get a chance to experience some basic forward launches off a low hill or just in a field. This is a chance for students to ask any questions they have and get a feeling for if they are a good match for paragliding.

Student learning a basic forward launch in a field in Saskatoon, SK

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of our training location, it’s not possible for students to experience more than a momentary amount of flight during this lesson. In future we hope to offer a tandem flight experience as part of our introductory lesson.

On completion of the introductory lesson students will have an understanding of what paragliding is all about and what the demands of completing a full training course will be.

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    Novice Rating

    • Location:
      • Training Hill
      • Training Tow Site
      • Classroom
    • Cost: TBD
    • Time:
      • Practical: 12-15 4hr days
      • Theory: 2-4 2hr lessons
    • Equipment:
      • Boots
      • Gloves
      • Helmet
      • Appropriate Novice Glider*
      • Appropriate Harness*
      • Appropriate Reserve Parachute*

    * At this time Prairie Paragliding has limited training equipment and cannot accommodate all sizes of student so we do need students to purchase gear at the start of their training. If purchasing new gear is a concern, let us know and we will work with you on alternate arrangements such as finding used gear. Please don’t purchase discount gear from unknown parties as it may be stolen, unsafe, or otherwise unacceptable for training.

    This course covers everything a pilot needs to know to receive their P2 Novice Rating. This training is broken into 2 phases to match the HPAC ratings system:

    Phase 1

    Students will again start out in the training field, focusing on perfecting the forward launch skill they experienced in the introductory lesson. They will subsequently be introduced to forward kiting. Once achieving competence with these skills, the course will relocate to our training tow site where students will learn how to forward launch under tow, ultimately achieving a low towed flight.

    Students will also complete a basic ground school, preparing them for the HPAC P1 written exam. Students must pass this exam, and demonstrate acceptable launch technique to advance to the next stage of training.

    Tandem pilot checks wing prior to an instructional flight near Fremont, CA

    Phase 2

    Once the student has completed phase 1, they will begin experiencing actual flights and developing additional flight, launch, and landing skills, including: reverse launching, ground handling, inflight glider control and turning, inflight speed control, conditions management, and emergency procedures.

    Additionally, students will develop further knowledge of aerodynamics, weather, risk management, flight rules, and towing theory.

    At the completion of training students will have demonstrated skills related to the above, and must complete the HPAC P2 knowledge test.

    Jon @ Prairie Paragliding launches from Mission Peak near Fremont, CA

    Different students require different amounts of time to complete all of the required training. Although most students only require the listed number of lessons, some students will require more and some will require less.

    To track progress Prairie Paragliding uses the HPAC P1/P2 Training Logbook, where students will receive sign-offs as they complete the required skills. This also allows students to visit other HPAC instructors to complete different parts of their training.

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